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Our goal as a bakery equipment manufacturer is to help bakeries streamline their processes so they can achieve greater output and higher quality at lower costs. We meet the unique needs of each client with a wide range of reliable, accurate solutions designed to reduce labor, waste and costs. The success of our customers is the result of our dedication to the precision, flexibility and innovation of our equipment that is Built to Last and Designed to Deliver!™

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The industry-leading AXIS Topper can dispense an endless variety of dry, free-flowing ingredients including sugar, sprinkles, nonpareils, salts, nuts, seeds and more. For ingredients with higher moisture content like streusel, dried fruit and shredded cheese, the AXIS Auger Spot Topper and AXIS Rake Topper are perfect solutions. The AXIS Spot Topper is capable of precise topping placement, perfect for when reclaim is not practical or undesirable. Dispensing rates are fully programmable and stay constant over time for efficiency and control that can’t be achieved by hand.


The AXIS Half Icer allows you to achieve precise coverage control and temperature consistency with our patented icing bakery equipment. Whether you are working with water-based or fat-based ingredients, achieve the fastest production rates in the industry. Our glazing depositor, the AXIS Glazer minimizes the exposure of glaze to air and maintains temperature throughout the entire system to ensure proper flow and even coverage. Get limitless patterns or random designs at fully programmable rates with our string icer, the AXIS Drizzler. We also offer seasoning and spraying systems that can handle a variety of products including different shapes and sizes, adjustable flow rates and continuous or intermittent spray patterns.

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For single or multi-point dispensing options that provide precise volumetric depositing of dense or aerated mixes, batters and doughs with or without inclusions, look no further than AXIS bakery depositing and filling equipment. AXIS extruding equipment is engineered to accurately pump and extrude virtually any medium to high viscosity products without sacrificing flow rates. For perfectly filled donuts, cakes, muffins, bread and pastries, AXIS injection systems offer solutions for filling from the top, side or both. Whether your product is long and narrow, short and round, heart-shaped or completely unique, our injection heads can easily accommodate any shape or size.


When it comes to handling product, we can help you identify the challenges and design a solution that best fits your needs. Our sanitary conveyors are designed to last in the harshest of environments. Built for 24/7 operation in washdown environments including unique features for quick disassembly. Gently and efficiently transport an array of dry and free-flowing ingredients with pneumatic conveying. The smart design integrates with new and existing equipment. Our robust bulk unloading equipment offers stability, control, and operator safety for efficient transfer of products.

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AXIS can provide the solution to your unique production requirements and help you achieve the consistency and accuracy your product demands. Designed with both functionality and footprint in mind, we offer Donut Decorating, Tart, Pie & Quiche Lines. The modular design of our systems ensures that they can address your current needs in addition to having the ability to expand to meet future production requirements. It’s time to perfect your process, because everyone knows Process Makes Perfect!™